Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Blog Launch

Welcome Revs fans,

We are excited to finally launch our long planned fan blog for our New England Revolution. We intend on taking a completely biased view of MLS from the New England side of the pitch. Our aim is to provide you, the fan, with as much up to day information and insight into our favorite soccer/football team. There will often be strong opinions expressed on this blog, and we encourage all of our readers to input feedback through blog post comments, and email ( Remember that this blog is for you, and the more input/criticism we receive, the better. We do not intend to be intentionally controversial, but we will not shy away from our beliefs and opinions about this team and MLS as a whole.

Soccer is a fans game. It was made by fans to be watched by fans. Around the world teams are defined by their great supporters, and often the successes and failures of teams are linked to their fan support. From the grounds inside the Shankly Gates, to the roars within La Bombanera, to the passionate cheers of the supporters in The Fort, there is a connection between club and team that is not represented in any other sport. We wish to help facilitate that link between the fans and their beloved team. This is our game...this is your game, and your team.

We are not a supporters group, nor do we intend to be. We will however acknowledge the great supporters groups of the region, and try to help them become more accessible to the public. We encourage members of New England's supporters groups to send in lyrics for their songs and events schedules, as will will be happy to help post them on our site to spread the word to the masses (as much as we can).

Thank you for visiting, and we hope you come back for more!
Glory Glory Revolution!!!!!!!!!!!!