Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Iron Donkeys

Last night's disgraceful performance by Atlante may have marred an excellent match, but your New England Revolution endured. The Revs were able to take the physical play and run with it. Atlante decided to resort to goonish tactics as the game wore on. Critics of Superliga will be able to jump all over this. One thing that we can take out of this, is that these two teams really wanted to win. Only one knew how to win, however.

Whether it was due the frustration of losing, the non-penalty on Larentowicz (handball), or just terrible refereeing altogether, Atlante could not keep their composure. A flurry of cards (both red and yellow) at the end of the match showed Atlante to be truly pathetic and childish.

We here at GGR have decided to rename Atlante from the Iron Colts, to the Iron Donkeys. It seems to be more fitting. Teams that cowardly throw cheap-shot punches at the end of games are nothing more than pathetic donkeys. Keeper, and Captain Frederico Vilar shows true leadership when he sucker punches random Revs players after the final whistle. He then is interviews by Spanish language television after the match and says this:

"We can't talk. We are in a dangerous country. A very dangerous country."translated from spanish

Talk about having his head up his own arse. The first thing I always do in a dangerous country is sucker punch a few people, and act like a complete fool. That usually helps me survive dangerous situations.

It is sad that a disgraceful ending had to be the lasting memory of a great Revolution victory. The Revs handle the situation with class and dignity. Heaps was handed a red card at the end of the game, and will miss the final. Other than Heaps' infraction, the Revs handled the cheap shots and dirty play well, and focused their energy on the field.

New England were able to outlast a very talented Atlante side. Atlante actually looked to be the more technically gifted team, but were unable to focus their aggression in the right way. While other Mexican sides backed away from New England's physical play, Atlante tried to step up and play them just as physical. Unfortunately they did not do it the right way. Instead of hard legal challenges, they resorted to elbows and late tackles. Atlante decided to throw punches, instead of trying to score goals. The Iron Donkeys displayed a pathetic tactic, and rightfully lost. They only have themselves to blame, and their coaching staff, organization and fans should be embarrassed.

Interestingly enough, these two teams could possibly meet in the CCL group stage. After this match, and the preseason friendly that was also marred by red cards and stupid fouls, there could be a real ugly feud going on between these two teams. I shudder to think how the matches will turn out if/when they meet down the road.

Well, it is on to another final against Houston.

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Anonymous said...

What a disgraceful performance by Atlante. They should be embarrassed.