Wednesday, August 6, 2008



Last night our New England Revolution became the first American team to hoist the Superliga trophy. In the liga's second edition, the final tried to match that of its previous year. Frenetic play, sublime goals and late drama contributed to a fantastic cup final, and a great ending to an exciting tournament.

Forget America's Super Classico, or LA/San Jose. Ignore those from New York who will tell you that they have a large rivalry with DC (you have to actually beat them every now and then NY). You can also look past our own rivalry with Chicago. Houston vs. New England is proving to be an feud expressed with class and intensity. For the third straight year these two teams have met in a cup final. Revs have finally taken one back and helped solidify a true rivalry as the two class organizations in MLS prove their quality on the pitch.

The football was admittedly, very ugly. The frenetic pace of the match provided a sort of nervous energy during the game. Though the quality of technicality was a bit lacking, the match itself was extremely intense. From minute one both teams came out with an intent to score quickly. Both teams came out to play like champions, and both teams left everything on the field.

The Revs were not to be denied in this final. After falling behind by a goal twice, they battled back and leveled the scoring each time. The second equalizer came in the final extra time period. Then the two teams met in penalties again. After Khano Smith's missed penalty to win it, it looked again as though the Revs were going to let this trophy slip through their fingers. However, Corey Ashe hit the cross bar in sudden death penalties, and the Revs were able to hold another cup above their heads, for the second year in a row.

With three more competitions to go in this calendar year, the mission is still not over. The Revs have achieved glory in one tournament, but could immortalize themselves in the months to follow.

Next up is Shitcago in league play. With a seemingly comfortable lead in the league table, and games in hand, this could help solidify us at the top of the table for at least a few weeks with a victory. However, let us celebrate another fantastic Cup win as the Revs have proved their class yet again.



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campeones! campeones! are we? are we? are we?

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Bring home the quadruple :)