Monday, August 18, 2008

Dog Days

Since winning Superliga just under two weeks ago, the Revs have shown more than just a chink in their armor. First was the late collapse against Chicago at home. Then it was b-sides defeat to DC in the Open Cup semifinals.

This week might have been the worst of them all. A 4-0 loss to San Jose on Saturday put the Revs behind Columbus in the table for the first time in a few months. New England looked slow, unimaginative, and somewhat disinterested on Saturday. The fixture congestion, coupled with the loss of Dube and Parkhurst absence for the Olympics, seems to really be wearing on the team.

The Revs have another match against DCU midweek. It is their chance to use their game in hand, and retake the top spot in the table. The congested schedule may be the contributing factor to the recent poor form, but it is no excuse. It isn't time to panic yet, but if they drop any more points this week, and against Toronto on the weekend, then it may be time to put the hand on the button.

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