Friday, May 15, 2009

...and we're back!!!!

It has been a long time since we last updated, and a lot has changed. We spent the entire off season trying to build contacts, and floating ideas for the direction of the site. While we haven't completely implemented everything that we want to do quite yet, we do have some things ready to go that we are excited about.

First, we have become more mobile. This is huge for us considering how busy we are. Our ability to post from the road, and give updates on the go gives us the ability to give you guys information as we get it. We hope that we can give you guys up to the minute news, rumors and incite as we get it.

Next, we are on Twitter. You can follow us @GloryGloryRevs. Using Twitter will allow us to build our network and reach out to the rest of our rabid fan base.

The next phases of our project will hopefully be implemented soon. We are looking to add some new contributors to the site. We would like to add full game reports, training reports, pictures, rumors etc...

We are also in the midst of an entire site redesign. We are trying to make it a bit more sleek, and user friendly. It will uploaded as soon as we are done and happy with the design.

So check back soon, because we will be updating much more than before, with some exciting news that we have dug up...


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