Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Player Acquisition and Shirt Sponsor: Package Deal

For the last few weeks we have heard things from sources close to the front office, that the club was looking to make a significant roster move. Rumors as to who the player actually is have been floated around in other areas. MLS Rumors reports today that Figo's agent was in Foxboro, meeting with Revs Front Office members. The validity of these claims is a bit shaky, as it comes from an anonymous emailer. However, we have heard from a reliable source, that the Revs are actively pursuing a player that will help them both on the field, and off. A few names have been given to us, and a couple of them were fairly significant international names. If we can track down anymore info on them, we will put their names out there.

Revs management have been more aggressive in the last 12-18 months in trying to attract fans, and build their reach in the local community. As it has been stated many times before, New England has a very large expat Portuguese community, and their offspring. The Fall River/New Bedford area of South East Mass. and the Hudson/Marlborough MetroWest region are hotbeds for Portuguese immigrants, and their later generations. Without rehashing the story too much, a move for one of the most famous and popular Portuguese players of all time could very well help the Revs tap into a demographic of rabid soccer fans, which they have had trouble really connecting with. There are differing opinions on how effective a signing like this would be (will Benfica fans embrace him? will the Portuguese embrace the player who embodied their international failures over the past decade plus?), but the aggressive nature of the move cannot be denied.

We have also heard for quite some time that the Revs were also looking to add revenue by putting a sponsor on the front of their jersey. There has been talk of a few local brands, as well as a global ones. Without getting into the specific rumors, we can tell you that they are close to signing a long term deal to put a brand on the front of their jersey. Our source indicates to us that the Revs have been waiting for the right time (i.e. after signing a DP), the right brand and the right deal. Everything seems to be coming to a head, and the results of this labor could be seen very shortly.

We have heard that the club is trying to finalize the player acquisition within the next 7-10 days. Could this be a DP signing, or could it just be a trade? It could also possibly be another, less star powered international signing. The rumors are certainly flying around, and nothing seems to be too concrete at this point. We do know that the team is trying to improve its roster right now.

We will be twittering any information that we receive, and hope to have some quality news to bring you shortly. You can follow us on twitter @GloryGloryRevs.

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